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Our Team


Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation is a leading language support service provider in China. Talent is the foundation of our business. Our multi-skilled translators set DeLaw apart from standard translation companies.

Legal translation requires a translator with a legal background, a paralegal or an attorney. Our legal translation professionals have experience translating various types of legal documents and legal contracts. We currently employ over 40 senior translators and about 20 supporting staff across offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. 
•            The founding members of DeLaw are bilingual lawyers.
•            DeLaw translators graduated from the foreign language school or law/ business school of leading domestic or international universities, with excellent language skills and sound business acumen.
•            DeLaw’s senior translators have over 10 years of legal/ financial translation experience on average, who have gained expertise and experience along with the dramatic development of China’s legal and financial sectors over the past decade.
•            DeLaw translators have work experience with MNCs, law firms, banks or other financial institutions prior to joining us.
•           DeLaw will also retain outside lawyers, tax advisors, CPAs or other professionals to provide support.
We hand-pick our translators through a rigorous process that includes a panel review of their credentials and secure verification of recent references. In addition to the command of language skills, greater emphasis is placed on candidates’ practical experience in the legal, financial and general commercial sectors.
We know that our clients would like the translation to be professional, accurate, timely and concise, which can fully convey the meaning of source language. Our work experience in the legal and financial sectors gives us a thorough understanding of the specific needs of our clients.
The highly specialized knowledge of the legal and financial fields as well as the rapid pace of change in these sectors require a strong and steady focus by a translation team. We retain a top tier, experienced staff dedicated exclusively to legal and financial translation and refrain from expanding into other translation areas.
At Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation, we present a comprehensive team of linguists in addition to legal translators:
Interpreters: We boast the best-in-class language interpreters, offering services over the phone or on-site. With excellent fluency, sharp memory and knowledge in the language, our interpreters are the most preferred choice in multilingual seminars, court proceedings, police trials, arbitration proceedings, etc. 
Copywriters: We have a team of skilled copywriters who have the flair and creativity in writing critical legal documents for different purposes.    
Transcriptionists: We offer unmatched expertise in transcription services, leveraging the power of advanced technologies and proficiency of our certified transcriptionists. They are qualified professionals, offering transcriptions from live or recorded audio and video messages, and converting them into written or any preferable digital format.   
Document Reviewers: We also have a team of certified document reviewers who have expert knowledge in legal matters, reviewing critical documents and generating a translated summary of the project.  
And that is not all! Our expert translators also offer unmatched services in certified translations and e-disclosure, two of the most critical aspects of civil litigation today. Every project is headed by a professional and experienced project manager, who thoroughly monitors and evaluates the process and ensure 100% accuracy and confidentiality.
Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation focuses on leveraging the potentials and expertise of our linguists in generating mutually beneficial relationships.  
Bios of senior translators are available upon request.
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