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Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation is a leading language support service provider in China, offering unmatched professionalism and cost efficiency in legal translation, financial translation, contract translation, certified translation, official translation, legal interpreting and court interpreting. DeLaw is a certified translation agency in China. DeLaw legal translation team works with over 3000 lawyers around the world.


Legal Translation
We handle a high volume of formal legal documents in a range of fields that require specialist knowledge. What really makes us excellent is that we can fully leverage the expertise of our founding lawyers. DeLaw has three dedicated teams under the legal translation department.
Large Project Team
DeLaw has rendered translation services for a large number of deals relating to the acquisition of Chinese companies by foreign investors, including translation of restructuring documents, due diligence documents and various transaction documents across a broad spectrum of industries such as infrastructure, food, real estate, energy, hi-tech, healthcare, banking and guarantee. We have served as the exclusive translation agency for many high profile transactions involving leading international investment funds or multinational companies and domestic industry leaders. We are also frequently required to complete translation of the whole set of documents within an extremely tight time frame and update translation from time to time as the negotiation moves forward.
DeLaw has a strong competitive edge in the translation of documents related to the formation, investments and divestments of venture capital and private equity funds as well as hedge funds. We have assisted many law firms and investment funds in translating private placement memoranda, limited partnership agreements, articles of association, management agreements, investment advisory agreements, administration agreements, subscription agreements, custodian agreements, investment memos, fund reports and documents required for fund investments and divestments.
We have also proved our strength in translating documents regarding overseas financing, international trade, maritime, WTO affairs, intellectual property, etc.
General Corporate Team
DeLaw is retained by dozens of foreign-invested enterprises to take care of their daily translation needs, from their establishment, daily operations, investment and financing activities to dissolution and liquidation. We have gained rich experience in translating feasibility study reports, joint venture contracts, articles of association, government filing and approval documents, business contracts (such as purchase, lease, construction, technology license and service contracts), financing agreements, labor and employment materials, meeting resolutions, internal rules and policies, stock incentive plans, various reports and statements, business plans, marketing materials as well as documents required in the dissolution and liquidation process of foreign-invested enterprises. With our quality and efficient services, all trivial and complicated daily translations are done easily and smoothly, which enables your staff to focus more on core business and helps you save costs.
Dispute Resolution Team
DeLaw translators have a good knowledge of the style and wording of various arbitration and litigation instruments. We are also familiar with the litigation proceedings of China and most English-speaking jurisdictions as well as the arbitration rules of major international arbitration institutions. As a result, we enjoy a strong reputation in this field and our work products are well recognized by courts and arbitration tribunals. We have been substantially involved in the translation of documents required in several international arbitration (e.g., at HKIAC, SIAC and ICC) and overseas litigation proceedings (e.g., in the U.S., Australia and BVI) involving Chinese companies as well as in a great number of domestic litigation proceedings involving foreign-invested enterprises. The documents we have worked on include, among others, complaints, answers, summons, judgments, enforcement documents, arbitration applications, arbitration awards and settlement agreements primarily in respect of quality disputes, investment disputes, equity disputes, international trade disputes, labor and employment disputes, defamation disputes, IP infringement disputes and other civil and commercial disputes.
Financial Translation
Many leading financial institutions prefer to work with DeLaw because they know we specialize in financial translation. We have continuous exposure to all kinds of financial documents, and we translate them quickly and, above all, accurately. DeLaw has two dedicated teams under the financial translation department.
Banking Team
DeLaw is retained by several international and domestic commercial banks to handle the translation of their daily operation documents, including meeting materials for the board of directors, board of supervisors, shareholders meetings and other special committees, regulatory reports, government filings, compliance documents, deposit and treasury documents, internal rules and policies, financial reports, foreign exchange regulations, IT polices, outsourcing issues, etc. We have also translated a significant number of agreements related to commercial loans, government loans, project financing, syndicated loans, M&A loans and financial leasing as well as supporting mortgage, pledge or guarantee documents. In addition, we are frequently involved in the translation of documents on collection, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, documentary bills and discount, forfeiting, factoring, packing loans, invoice financing and other trade finance and international settlement documents. Our skills have enabled us to translate for several high profile projects involving the establishment of foreign-invested banks and foreign investment in domestic banks.
Non-Banking Team
It is also noteworthy that DeLaw has broad experience in translating documents on asset securitization, securities, investment funds, foreign exchange, precious metal, insurance and trust as well as documents involving financial derivatives (i.e., forwards, futures, options and swaps). We work closely with a great number of non-banking financial institutions, including, among others, hedge funds, broker-dealers, investment firms, financial data platforms, foreign exchange platforms, futures companies, accounting firms, trust companies, fund management companies, asset management companies, credit rating agencies, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, financial companies, guarantee companies, small loan companies, financial leasing companies and auto finance companies. Our services in this field will also grow with the rapid evolution of financial innovation.
Our interpreters remove language barriers in your business. Whether it’s high finance or the finer points of the law, our trained professionals know what you are talking about. At court hearings, business meetings, witness interviews, or tribunals, they communicate your messages so seamlessly, and you hardly know they’re there. All with the DeLaw guarantee of precision and accuracy.
Legal Assistant
Launched in the end of 2012, our legal assistant service will provide clients with full services including legal translation/interpretation, legal advisory, legal assistant and business assistant, as well as drafting legal documents, participating in business negotiation, giving legal opinions, and handling such other tasks as may be reasonably assigned by clients. This legal assistant service is particularly popular with small-and-medium-sized FIEs, which normally do not retain a full-time translator or in-house counsel, but will need independent and professional legal translation/interpretation and legal services from time to time, in terms of company establishment and dissolution, employment matter, government investigation, internal audit, criminal defense, business negotiation, dispute resolution, etc. Due to our independence and professionalism, DeLaw’s legal assistant service is well received by offshore parents and senior officers of FIEs. For the past several years, we have also provided personal translation and legal services for many senior officers and individual shareholders of FIEs. 
A list of our representative clients and projects is available upon request.
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