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Price Quotes


Our Rates


Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation offers professional quality language solution at the most favorable rate. When accurate, reliable and quick translation of a legal document is needed, the world’s leading law firms and corporations turn to the legal translation experts at DeLaw. DeLaw is a certified translation agency in China. Please find our reference rates below to facilitate your cost estimate.


To obtain a free quote, please feel free to contact us at: lucy.chen@ or 86 (21) 5295.5280 (Shanghai Office). We will get back to you with the best solutions.


Rate (RMB)

High Quality Commercial Translation (≤30% Complex Legal, Financial or Technical Terms)

150-300/ Page or 0.6/ Source Word

Legal Translation – General Quality (Quality for General Purpose & Government Filing)

200-300/ Page or 0.7/ Source Word

Legal Translation – Law Firm Quality (Quality for Bilingual Execution Attorney Review)

300-400/ Page or 0.9/ Source Word

Legal Translation – Highly Complex & Technical (Requires Strong Legal & Industry Knowledge)

400-500/ Page or 1.1/ Source Word

Legal & Court Interpreting

4000-8000 Per Day

Note 1: Billable pages are based on a standard full-page A4 paper, single-spaced in 12-point font.

Note 2: For interpreter services, it is highly appreciated that you book time in advance.


Bulk Discount Policy

5% discount for any monthly bill amount exceeding RMB 10,000, 10% discount for amount exceeding RMB 20,000, 15% discount for amount exceeding RMB 30,000, 20% discount for amount exceeding RMB 40,000, and 25% discount for amount exceeding RMB 50,000, applied automatically at the bill level


The above rates are for reference only. The final price will be determined by the following factors: volume of content, timeframe required, complexity of content, quality required and other specific requirements of clients.


Our rates for legal translation/interpreting are only about 1/4-1/3 of law-firm rates. DeLaw legal translation team works with over 3000 lawyers around the world.


DeLaw Does Not Cost More - We Simply Deliver More


We save you time and expense because you can rely on the accuracy of our work product without the need for additional attorney review. For all your legal matters, from litigation discovery to depositions, business contracts, corporate documents, financial records and patent filings - our translated legal and technical documents are ready for immediate use. You won’t pay extra fees for the added legal and business experience of DeLaw translators and interpreters.


Experienced lawyers know that a mistranslated word or misinterpreted statement can lead to the loss of your case, or failure of a business deal. Most translators are not qualified lawyers; they cannot be expected to understand the nuances of a complex litigation or the technical requirements for a trademark registration in a particular country or language. The result can cost you and your clients time and money. At DeLaw, we are experts in both law and language, giving you a distinct advantage in court proceedings, compliance matters, document filings and contract negotiations. Our clients quickly learn that it is cheaper and faster to let our attorney, technical, and business translators handle the job than to spend extra time and money revising a poorly done translation.


Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation is a leading language support service provider in China, offering unmatched professionalism and cost efficiency in legal translation, financial translation, contract translation, certified translation, official translation, legal interpreting, court interpreting, copywriting, OCR, document review and transcription.


Quality Control
DeLaw adheres to law firm standards to control  the quality of our work. As we are capable of rendering top-tier law firm quality translation, many clients have relied on us as their trusted partner to take care of their most important documents. Due to our stable and strong client base as well as the sophisticated skills required for legal and financial translation, all documents will be completed by our senior translators and reviewed by our founding lawyers. Precision translation of legal and financial documents is the core of our business.
Time Arrangement
DeLaw understands very well what timeliness means to our clients. We are also frequently required to translate complex documents under a seemingly impossible deadline. However, inaccuracy of translation and increase of cost may arise when urgent assignments are done. We will give you a time estimate before starting translation. Cost and time required for urgent assignments will be negotiated on a separate basis. For general legal and financial documents, a DeLaw translator is able to translate about 5000 Chinese characters per day. 

DeLaw is fully aware of the confidential nature of our clients’ matters and will keep all information obtained during our performance of translation services in strict confidentiality. We will enter into a confidentiality agreement with every client or adopt more strict measures if so requested by our clients.

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