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  • Focus on Legal and Financial Translation
  • ~100% Legal Accuracy, Backed by Bilingual Lawyers

Who We Are

Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation is the largest legal translation agency in Shanghai, and a leading language support service provider in China, offering unmatched professionalism and cost efficiency in legal and financial translations for law firms and MNCs and certified/official translations for courts and government agencies. Shanghai DeLaw Legal Translation offers professional quality translation of legal documents and legal contracts between Chinese and English languages (from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese).

DeLaw was founded in 2008 by over 10 bilingual lawyers and employs a staff of senior legal and financial translators. We enjoy a strong reputation among law firms, financial institutions, MNCs and government agencies. DeLaw is a certified translation agency in China. DeLaw legal translation team works with over 3000 lawyers around the world.

DeLaw is the only translation agency in China that has such a consistent and exclusive focus on legal and financial translations. Unlike general translation companies that service all industries, DeLaw focuses only on providing translation solutions to the legal and financial profession.

DeLaw Does Not Cost More - We Simply Deliver More

At DeLaw, we are experts in both law and language, giving you a distinct advantage in court proceedings, compliance matters, document filings and contract negotiations. Our clients quickly learn that it is cheaper and faster to let our attorney, legal, and business translators handle the job than to spend extra time and money revising a poorly done translation.

Our founders are bilingual lawyers with rich experience and network in the PRC legal service industry. We also employ a legal translation staff that worked as attorneys or legal translators at leading international or PRC law firms or the legal department of MNCs, and a financial translation staff that worked as financial translators at commercial banks, investment banks or other financial institutions. We have connections with almost all of the top 20 PRC law firms through the network of our founders and employees. Client testimonials from law firms are available upon request.

What Makes Us Different

  •        DeLaw is a professional legal translation service provider founded by bilingual lawyers with extensive experience at leading domestic and international law firms.
  •        Our unique knowledge of the legal and financial sectors enables us to become the largest legal translation agency in Shanghai, China.
  •        Our differentiated experience gives us a thorough understanding of the specific needs of legal and financial institutions in major jurisdictions.
  •        With an output of nearly 20 million words a year, we get the job done with speed and precision, always able to handle complex legal documents under tight deadlines.
  •        DeLaw is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. Additionally, all work products of legal translation will be reviewed by lawyers before delivered to clients.
  •        DeLaw PRC Lawyer Referral Service helps clients find Chinese lawyers or law firms in Shanghai, China on a fast, free and confidential basis.

Featured Services

PRC Lawyer Referral. This program primarily serves foreign-invested enterprises in China, offshore foreign companies and foreign individuals involved in China-related transactions or disputes. Our connections include bilingual lawyers from top-tier PRC law firms that are well versed in complex cross-border transactions, corporate lawyers that focus on general corporate and compliance matters, criminal defense lawyers that defend individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct, litigators that represent clients in legal disputes before courts, tribunals or administrative authorities, employment lawyers that have experience in representing both employers and employees, local lawyers from smaller firms that deal with more traditional civil and family matters, as well as other lawyers with their own professional credentials, areas of expertise and language ability. We will help you find THE PRC lawyers or law firms in Shanghai. DeLaw PRC Lawyer Referral is fast, free and confidential. 100% free for both clients and lawyers. No hidden fee.

Legal Assistant. This program will provide clients with full services including legal translation/interpretation, legal advisory, legal assistant and business assistant, as well as drafting legal documents, participating in business negotiation, giving legal opinions, and handling such other tasks as may be reasonably assigned by clients. This legal assistant service is particularly popular with small-and-medium-sized FIEs, which normally do not retain full-time translator or in-house counsel, but will need independent and professional legal translation/interpretation and legal services from time to time, in terms of company establishment and dissolution, employment matter, government investigation, internal audit, criminal defense, business negotiation, dispute resolution, etc. Due to our independence and professionalism, DeLaw's legal assistant service is well received by offshore parents and senior officers of FIEs.

What We Translate

Our focused areas include, among others: Foreign Investment, Hedge Funds, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, International Trade, Structured Finance, Securitization, Labor and Employment, PE&VC Funds, Mergers & Acquisitions, Arbitration and Litigation, General Corporate, Overseas Investment, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Laws and Regulations, Government Filings and Court Interpreting, Criminal Defense, Civil Disputes, Marriage and Family, Private Client Services.

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